About Hammocks

How much do you know about hammocks? Hammocks have long been synonymous with living a relaxed life but here is a little more about the history of hammocks. There are parts of the world where hammocks are a staple, they are seen everywhere. Hammocks originated in Central and South American countries. It is suspected the hammock originated almost 1000 years ago by the Mayan Indians weaving them from the bark of the Hamak tree.

Hammocks come in various shapes and sizes which can accommodate one person to an entire family. They can be suspended from just about anything and are portable enough to be taken anywhere. Legend has it that Christopher Columbus discovered the hammock when he first came to the Americas. The concept was quickly adapted to seafaring vessels for the crew to sleep soundly while on a moving ship.

Hammock Lying Position

Hammock PositionsOne of the most important points we can make is Hammock Lying Position. Learning to ideally lie in your hammock can take some patience and some getting used to but can be very rewarding. The easiest position is to lie in the hammock lengthwise. This can be somewhat uncomfortable and bend the hammock tightly around you.

The Ideal Hammock Lying Position is Lying Diagonally. This will open up the hammock, increase your view and elevate your rocking experience.

Hammocks With Spreader Bars

Spreader Bar HammockAs the use of hammocks increased with sailors it was determined that space was limited if they lie diagonally so the spreader bar was invented to further develop the functionality of the traditional hammock. News of the spreader bar quickly spread and was accepted worldwide as a mainstay of hammock design. Hammocks with spreader bars are especially useful for sunbathing because it keeps the material from blocking the sun’s rays.

While lying diagonally is ideal with a traditional hammock, lying lengthwise works best in a hammock that has a spreader bar. It is recommended to suspend a hammock with spreader bars more taut than a traditional hammock. Spreader bars are also used on Hammock Chairs. Hammocks and chairs with spreader bars can easily be rolled up and transported.

Hammock Chairs

Hammock ChairIn the past decade hammock chairs have become extremely popular due to their versatility and portability. Typically a hammock chair is hung with enough height so your feet barely touch the ground allowing you to rock, swing or even spin as you control the movement. Hammock chairs are a great space saving alternative to a hammock and they only require one suspension point. They can be used indoors or outdoors and can easily be removed quickly if need be.

*images courtesy of La Siesta